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Security you can trust

Acct IT provides advanced technologies to meet security and safety needs. Every security deployment is different and requires a professional to determine vulnerabilities. We analyze every project in detail, so we can design a secure solution tailored to your needs. We Specialize in HD security camera systems, allowing our customers to identify persons and see details in recorded events.

  We provide a turnkey security solution for businesses and consumers


Free Estimates

We will come to your site; analyze your security needs;  and give you an free estimate on the cost of equipment & installation.

System Design

A smart system design saves money, identifies criminals, and helps improve operations. Camera selection, equipment location, day/night lighting conditions, and  image quality are all crucial when designing a surveillance system.

Camera and Wiring 

Be confident that a licensed professional will install your cameras properly and run cabling up to current N.Y.S. Wiring codes.

Customized Configuration

Most camera company’s use setup wizards or just leave your system with its default settings, leaving your system vulnerable to attack.

We will manually configure your system to your specific security needs.

  • User accounts with privileges you specify
  • Multiple record schedules to maximize hard drive space,
  • Image/text alerts when motion is detected, so you know what’s happening when it happens
  • Enable watermark setting, so video is admissible in a court of law.

Remote View

  • Configure your router and DVR, to view your cameras from anywhere in the world on your phone and computer.
  • Free personal (.com), so you don’t have to pay your ISP an extra $10 to $15 a month for a static IP
  • Ability to view recorded playback remotely

 Detailed Tutorial

  • Teach you how to operate and maintain your camera system
  • Show you how to navigate live view, play recorded video, and backup video of interest